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PGBQ Statute
Statute (Aproved in April 25, 2019)

PGBQ meeting minutes

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Criteria of the Postgraduate Technical Committee in Life Sciences: to access the accreditation and re-accreditation criteria of the Postgraduate Technical Committee in Life Sciences click here

Biodiversity Law
In accordance with Law No. 13.123, of May 20, 2015, all surveys with equity Brazilian genetic (plants, animals, and micro-organisms, except humans), substances metabolism of these living beings or even in silico research derived from information from elements of our biodiversity, as well as product development, require electronic registration with SisGen. 
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(These documents are in Portuguese)
Cartilha MMA- patrimonio genetico cartilha para a academia legislacao de acesso.pdf 
Folder biodiversidade.pdf 
Manual SisGen


Forms Repository

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Forms cited in our web page.
(These documents are in Portuguese)
• Autorizaçao-Cultura-Inglesa.doc
• Avaliação-Estagio-Docencia.docx
• Avaliação bolsas institucionais de pos-doc.docx
• Autorizacao Bolsista Vinculo Profissional e Academico.doc
• Banca-Defesa-DO.doc
• Banca-Defesa-ME.doc
• Banca-Qualificacao-DO.doc
• Banca-Qualificacao-ME.doc
• Cancelamento-Matricula-Disciplina.doc • Carta-Convite-Banca.doc
• Check list defesa.docx
• Declaracao-Correcoes-Sugeridas.doc
• Declaracao-Cumprimento-Credito.doc
• Divulga-Eletronica.doc
• Efetivacao_Matricula.doc
• Emissao-Diploma.doc
• Entrega-Doc-Defesa.doc
• Exigências_Credenciamento.docx
• Formulário Oferta/Credenciamento/Reformulação Disciplina.doc NOVO
• Inscricao-Bolsa-CAPES.doc
• Matricula-Disciplina.doc
• Parecer-Projeto-DO.doc
• Parecer-Projeto-ME.doc
• Pre-Matricula.doc
• Prorrogação-Qualificaçao.doc
• Reaproveitamento-Credito.doc
• Solicitacao ProrrogacaoPrazo defesa (M e D).doc
• Solicitacao TransferenciaNivelPG 2
• Solicitacao MudancaOrientadorPG.doc
• Solicitacao CancelamentoMatricula (Mestrado e Doutorado).doc
• Termo Compromisso DS 20150325 (1).doc