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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biologia Química

Resources for Students

As part of the Master and Doctoral Program students must complete a minimum number of credits. There are many ways to obtain the required credits (see table below). One of the most important ways to obtain credits is doing the courses that are offered each semester. Among the courses, students must attend two core courses: Fundamentals in Chemical Biology I and II. Also, we encourage all students to participate in DIP (see below).
Master´s students must obtain a minimum of 25 credits, while Doctorate´s students must obtain 40 credits. One unit of credit corresponds to 15h of activities.

Each semester, PGBQ offers a range of courses covering a variety of subjects related to Chemical Biology, providing students with a solid background in the field. Beside the PGBQ´s courses, students can also take courses from other postgraduate programs, however, the credits obtained outside the program must be validated by PGBQ committee.
Fundamentals in Chemical Biology I and II are mandatory for all students. Module I is offered in the first semester, while Module II is offered in the second semester.
To enroll in one of the courses, please access the list offered each semester, here. Then download the registration form and deliver the complete form to the secretary. It is also necessary, complete the on-line form, here
To note: in case of withdrawal from the course, it is mandatory to cancel the registration in the course requested via the Cancellation Enrollment Discipline form. Failure to cancel will result in course disapproval.

Student Teaching Program Stage (DIP - Didactic Improvement Program)

Acquisition of teaching skills through participation in DIP is an important aspect of graduate training. Participation in DIP is mandatory for CAPES scholarship students. However, all students are well come to participate in DIP.
The program comprises a maximum of 4 hours per week in related activities to the DIP and consists of monitoring undergraduate courses with supervision of a faculty member. The activities will be defined by the coordinator teacher of the undergraduate course.
To be valid, the participation should have the minimum duration of one semester for the master and two for the doctorate. Master´s students cannot participate for more than two semesters while Doctorate’s students cannot participate for more than three semesters.
The participation on the DIP program could count a maximum of 2 (two) credits to PGBQ. To be validated, at the end of participation, the student must deliver to the PGBQ secretary the full filled evaluation form signed by the coordinator teacher of the undergraduate course.
To participate, students should find a DIP program offered by UNIFESP or by any higher education institution accredited by MEC. The DIP program must be compatible with the research areas of the PGBQ. After choosing the DIP, the student should contact directly the faculty in charge of the chosen DIP.
Students that have proven previous experience as teachers in the last 5 years, will be exempt from the DIP.

For more detailed information about the program, please, visit the UNIFESP´s DIP web site.

Secretaria de Pós-Graduação – Biologia Química (PPG-BQ)

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