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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biologia Química

Research Areas

Research Areas

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The Chemical Biology Program emphasizes interdisciplinary training with a collaborative and interactive research approach. The main goal of our Program is to integrate Chemistry and Biology approaches to solve problems involving natural processes. These problems can be investigated in molecular, cellular and/or physiological levels.

The scope from our research groups falls in 3 main areas: Chemical Biology of Systems, Chemical Biology in Cell models and Chemical Biology of Natural and Synthetics Products. Below you will find more information about the research conducted by our supervisors.

Secretaria de Pós-Graduação – Biologia Química (PPG-BQ)

 Rua São Nicolau, 210, 5° andar - Centro - Cep 09913-030 - Diadema – SP

Telefone: (+55 11) 4044-0500 (ramal 3511)

E-mail:  secretaria.posbq@unifesp.br

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