Postdoctoral Program & Positions

The PPGBQ’s postdoctoral program has a minimum duration of 12 months and a maximum of 48 months. This time could be extended by more than 12 months upon request and with authorization of the PGBQ’s coordination. To request a time extension, the postdoctoral fellow must send detailed and signed document explaining the necessity of the time extension
To find postdoctoral positions at PPGBQ you can directly contact PPGBQ´s supervisors (see supervisor list, here) or look for positions in our website (see below).Once you find a postdoctoral position you should begin the formal registration process.

Note: The registration process is independent of whether the candidate has a postdoctoral fellowship.

To register the postdoctoral position, the candidate should present to the secretary the follow documents:

Also, the candidate should present a copy of the following documents. Note that it will be necessary to show the original documents to prove the authenticity.

Completion of the Postdoctoral
At the end of Postdoctoral period, the fellow must present a final report following the UNIFESP standards. Also, the candidate must present at least 1 (one) submitted or accepted or published paper as First or as Last author. The paper should present results related with the theme of the postdoctoral research project.

The Postdoctoral certificate will be issued after final report approval by PGBQ. The certificate will indicate the place where the postdoctoral fellow completed as well as the period spent in the program.

A Postdoctoral Fellow may be dismissed from the Program in the following situations:

All these situations will be analyzed by the PGBQ Committee.

Available Postdoctoral Positions

Available positions will post here.