The PPGBQ offers degrees in Master of Science and Doctorate (Ph.D.). Our goal is to offer training in Chemical Biology areas. To apply for one of these degrees, please, follow the instructions below. If you have questions, please contact the secretary .
Doctoral/Master's Application Process
PPGBQ welcomes applications from individuals interested in developing a scientific career in Chemical Biology. Applications can be initiated anytime, however enrollment will only be made after all requirements are met.

Required Application Material
Before application you need to contact a Supervisors. This step is fundamental since you will need to submit a Research Project on the application. Also, you will need to provide the following with your applications for admission:

  1. The completed Application Form
  2. English proficiency test (for students whose first language is not English).
  3. All non-native English speakers should present a standardized proficiency certificate. Applicants could provide results from: IELTS (minimum of 4,5 points), TOEFL (minimum of 55 points) or ITP-TOEFL (minimum of 400 points). Alternatively, applicants can realize the Cultura Inglesa English Test. To take the Cultura Inglesa English Test, contact the secretary email to obtain the authorization form and detailed instructions.
  4. Portuguese proficiency test (for students whose first language is English).
  5. All non-native Portuguese speakers should present the accepted certificate provided by INEP. To more information, visit CELPE-BRAS web page
  6. Research project approved by the Ethical Committee.
  7. Updated Lattes Curriculum.
  8. Copy of the follow documents:
  9. Birth certificate or marriage certificate or RG or RNE or a valid passport.
    1. CPF (to see how to obtain this document, please, visit this website).
    2. For Brazilians only: voter registration and, only for men, the military certificate.
    3. Academic record of the undergraduate, or master's (if any).
    4. Copy of the Undergraduate Degree Certificate or similar, Master's degree certificate (if any).
    5. 2 (two) 3x4 recent color photos
  10. Present the fulfilled Confidentiality and responsibility term.
  11. For those who want to apply for the PPGBQ Educational Scholarships it will be necessary to participate in the classification standardized test.

To more information about the test, dates and rules, please visit the PPGBQ Financial Aid web page.


First enrollment
After meeting all requirements, the approved candidate must register by filling the form. The filled form must, signed and delivered to the secretary.

Annual's enrollment
Annually, all students must make a new enrollment. If the student does not register by the deadline, he may be disconnected from the program. 

Enrollment locking
According to UNIFESP rules, in exceptional circumstances, the student can request the interruption of postgraduate activities. The interruption cannot be longer than 12 months. To request the interruption, please contact the secretary.

Information for all Applicants

All students have the possibility to apply for available educational scholarships supported by CAPES. Also, the PPGBQ encourages all students to apply for scholarship from other funding agencies such as FAPESP and CNPq. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid web page.