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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biologia Química

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Graduate Education Committee


Suzete Maria Cerutti

Rodrigo Portes Ureshino

Maria de Fátima Carrasqueira

Graduate Education Committee Representatives

Chemical Biology of Systems
Lucia Armelin Correa
Caroline Marcantonio Ferreira

Chemical Biology in Cell models

Renato Barboza
Marcelo Vallim

Chemical Biology of Natural and Synthetics Products

Patrícia Sartorelli
Cristiano Raminelli

Selection Committee

Profa. Dra.  Luciana Caperuto

Members: Profa. Dra.  Lucia Armelin Correa, Profa. Dra. Eliana Rodrigues, Profa. Dra.  Maria Isabel Alonso Vale, Prof. Dr. Renato Barboza, Profa. Dra.  Fabíola Freitas de Paula Lopes, Prof. Dr. Thiago A. Moura Veiga, Prof. Dr. Cristiano Raminelli, Profa Dra Patricia Sartorelli



Anderson Garbuglio de Oliveira |ORCID |Lattes
Carla Maximo Prado |ORCID |Lattes
Caroline Marcantonio Ferreira |ORCID |Lattes
Cristiano Raminelli |ORCID |Lattes
Cristina Viana Niero |ORCID |Lattes
Daniela Rando |ORCID |Lattes
Eliana Rodrigues |ORCID |Lattes
Elisaldo Luiz De Araújo Carlini |ORCID |Lattes
Fabiola Freitas De Paula Lopes |ORCID |Lattes
Joao Henrique Ghilardi Lago |ORCID |Lattes
Lucia Armelin Correa |ORCID |Lattes
Luciana Chagas Caperuto |ORCID |Lattes
Lucildes Pita Mercuri |ORCID |Lattes
Marcelo A. Vallim |ORCID |Lattes
Maria Isabel Cardoso Alonso Vale |ORCID |Lattes
Monica Marques Telles |ORCID |Lattes
Patricia Sartorelli |ORCID |Lattes
Patricia Xander Batista |ORCID |Lattes
Renato Barboza |ORCID |Lattes
Rodrigo Portes Ureshino |ORCID |Lattes
Simone Georges El Khouri Miraglia |ORCID |Lattes
Suzete Maria Cerutti |ORCID |Lattes
Thiago André Moura Veiga |ORCID |Lattes

For more information about the supervisors' research lines, please visit our Research web page.

How to become a supervisor

Requirements for initial accreditation for all applicants:

To become a supervisor, the applicant must present a defined line of research, having published at least 3 articles in ISI / JCR journals in the last 5 years, of which the applicant is the main author (first, last or corresponding author).

Additionally, the PGBQ requires the following requirements:

For Master's supervisor

a) A minimum of 400 points in the last quadrennium, considering the publication criteria in the Biological Sciences area 1 (CB1) of CAPES (Qualis). 

b) Research Project that falls within one of the program's research lines.
c) Offering discipline immediately after accreditation.
d) Demonstration of fundraising for the financing of research projects that will allow the cost of carrying out the project proposed in the PPGBQ (as coordinator or collaborator).
e) Demonstrate that it has adequate infrastructure to carry out the project.
f) Accreditation process is subject to the enrollment of at least one master's student at the program.

Requirements for Doctorate´s supervisor

Beside all requirements for Master's supervisor above, to become a Doctorate´s supervisor, the proponent must have been at least one graduated Master's student. Also, to the accreditation process it is mandatory the enrollment of at least one doctorate's student at the program.

Supervisors that participate in other PG programs as full members, instead a minimum of 400 points in the last quadrennium, considering the publication criteria in the Biological Sciences area 1 (CB1) of CAPES, must demonstrate that they have a minimum of 600 points.

If you meet all requirements, deliver the completed form along with supporting documentation to the program secretary.


Secretaria de Pós-Graduação – Biologia Química (PPG-BQ)

 Rua São Nicolau, 210, 5° andar - Centro - Cep 09913-030 - Diadema – SP

Telefone: (+55 11) 4044-0500 (ramal 3511)

E-mail:  secretaria.posbq@unifesp.br

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